The Algarve was the starting point for the discoveries of the world, with the Infante d. Henrique in charge, but today is the Algarve that is discovered by travellers from all over the world.

The Algarve region consists of 3 distinct areas: the coastline where you can find the so beautiful and famous beaches, the hinterland and the mountainous part that both have to explore and discover.

The atmosphere makes you feel is also an excellent reason to live or enjoy an unforgettable vacation, because the Algarve enjoys, throughout the year, the best weather conditions in Europe, with little rainfall and temperatures are very pleasant even in the winter months.

The flavors and culinary knowledge Algarve have won millions of people all over the world and are one of the main tourist attractions the Algarve differentiator and an important cultural expression in the region. The Algarve has won the award for ' Best European region in tourism and gastronomy 2018», awarded by the European Council of Enogastronómicas Brotherhoods (CEUCO) within the framework of the 13th edition of the prizes AURUM.


Average temperatures in the Algarve

Air in summer: 24ºc to 29ºc
Air in winter: 15 C to 18 C
Sea in summer: 21° C to 24° C
In winter: 15 C to 19 C






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